Pre Planned Funerals

Pre-planned funerals – no money changes hands

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a safe and structured way to plan for your funeral in advance to avoid leaving your family with all the decisions as to what you may or may not have wanted on your passing. Payment of the funeral is taken care of by the estate or by funeral insurance when the time comes. You are under no obligation but at least all the critical information needed to arrange a funeral is lodged with your funeral director of choice.

If you wish to setup a free funeral plan, please complete the following easy online form, or click here to download and print a form to post to us. Once your planning form is received, we will prepare a copy of your wishes into a convienent folder and post to you to keep with your personal papers.

Online planning service

The following form allows you to either preplan a funeral for the future or to plan a funeral now. Please complate as much of this form as you feel comfortable with. All information remains confidential.

Online Planning Form – Perfect Choice

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