Burial or Cremation

The choice of burial or cremation


Burial is the preferred option for many cultures and religions.

If a grave, vault or crypt is already owned, then the cost of the burial, (referred to as the opening and closing fee (interment)) will be included on the final funeral account. This cost is variable. The cemetery will require the owner of the grave to authorise burial within that grave. If the person who has died is the owner of the grave, then the person who is authorising the funeral service will also authorise the burial. These forms can be signed during our meeting with you.


In Australia, over 65% of the population choose cremation services. For some cultures and religions, it is their preferred option. For most, it is a cost-effective and practical alternative. Charges for a cremation include the use of the crematorium chapel for the funeral service and the cremation process – these costs are variable. Most funerals held in a crematorium chapel last for 30 minutes, however if you require a longer service or are expecting a very large group of mourners, it is advisable to pay a little extra for extended use of the chapel. We will arrange this on your behalf.

Usually, about two weeks after the funeral service, the crematorium will contact you regarding your wishes for memorialisation or collection of your loved one’s ashes.

Distinctive Funerals will assist you in all these arrangements.

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