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Distinctive Funerals

Distinctive Funerals realise that every individual is special and feel that every service should be unique.

We offer many types of services to meet the needs of our families from traditional funerals to non-traditional options, eco friendlier choices and funeral planning. We are one of the most diversified funeral companies in South Australia with a large range of services tailored to meet the needs of our community. We offer At Need, Pre-paid and Pre-planning as well as specialised services.

Why prepaid funerals are better than funeral insurance

Our Services

We are family owned with over 150 years combined experience and can provide
a number of specialised services not available elsewhere.

Prepaid Funerals

Pre-paying your funeral is simply planning ahead and pre-pay your funeral at today’s prices with the Distinctive Funerals fixed price Pre-paid Funeral Plan

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Personalising a Funeral

At Distinctive Funerals we believe in offering a large range of options in what is a very personal choice – the selection of a coffin or casket, including Expression Coffins

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Burial & Cremation

Burial is the preferred option for many cultures and religions. While cremation is a cost-effective and practical alternative that 65% of Australian population choose

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Families face an additional stress when someone dies away from home. We have the expertise to assist you in this process of transport your loved one home.

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