Eco Funerals

Why choose a greener Eco Funeral ?

Eco Funerals was born from the realisation that it is important to consider the environment in all aspects of life. It is our legacy to future generations.

Distinctive Funerals is proud to offer a new innovation in Australian funerals, the Eco Funeral.

Environmentally friendly practices with sensitive guidelines enable us to deliver a unique affordable service.

It is comforting to know the professionals at Eco Funerals will take the time to guide you through the many options available to create a meaningful and individual service.

How is it different ?

To counter the pollution generated during the funeral process, an Eco Funeral will offset its emissions through purchasing carbon credits. With most of the carbon offset programs available today , the money raised assists conservation activities such as erosion control, salinity reduction, streamside rehabilitation and provides incentives for landowners to grow and maintain native vegetation on their land.

We offer as standard an unpolished coffin made from low polluting E Zero board, or upgrade to a Wicker, Woolen or Cardboard Coffin. All contain no toxic lacquers or stains. Plastic handles are neither cremated or buried with the unnecessary use of all plastic items discouraged. This includes plastic flowers, cellophane wrapping, etc. Only biodegradable chemicals and solutions are used, thus avoiding pollutants being emitted either into the water table or the atmosphere.

We also assist environmental projects within the community that repair, restore or enhance the environment. We constantly monitor our waste and use recycled materials whenever possible.

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