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Mawson Chapel – Centennial Park Mawson Chapel

The Mawson Chapel is suitable for seating 30+ people with additional standing room to the rear. The chapel is named after famous Australian Sir Douglas Mawson. Mawson Chapel has an intimate feel, recently updated with a soft water feature surounding the coffin area.

Florey Chapel – Centennial Park

Florey Chapel The Florey Chapel is suitable for seating 90 people with additional standing room to the rear. The chapel is named after famous South Australian and Nobel Prize winner Sir Howard Florey. The Florey Chapel has a high cathedral like roof with windows providing ample daylight. Attractive greenery wraps around the inside of the chapel and mixed with the warmth of timber creates a very special ambience.

Heysen Chapel – Centennial Park

Heysen Chapel Named after South Australian artist Sir Hans Heysen, this is the largest of the three chapels with seating capacity of 250 and an overflow area to accommodate up to 500 people. On the ground level there is seating for approximately 150 with a further 100 accommodated in the upstairs mezzanine level. There is ample space to the front of the chapel for appropriate musical and other personal tributes.

Enfield Chapels Acacia and Folland Chapels

Overlooking Enfield Memorial Park’s gardens are its two chapels, the Acacia and Folland Chapels, which are available for cremation, burial and memorial services. The chapels are complemented by lounge areas, where refreshments are offered after a service, an outdoor pavilion garden and private seating areas for quiet contemplation within peaceful gardens.

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We will liaise with your preferred church in designing a cremation or burial service to you and your cultural and religious needs.

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